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Derrick Bounds

Derrick Bounds Bio 

A native Chicagoan, growing up on the West and NW sides of Chicago listening to everything from James Brown to Rachmaninoff, Derrick Bounds begin studying the piano at age 11, at "Dorolyn Academy of Music" in Oak Park, IL (founded by Derrick's aunt, Dorothy Bounds in 1982), studying privately for 12 consecutive years under Ms Juanita Calermee.  Later studying with various pianists including Alan Swain of Evanston, IL and Kevin Gainer in Waukegan, IL. and more recently at the Chicago Conservatory of Music studying Advanced Classical with Michael Ruiz where Derrick is in preparation for a solo piano Classical and Jazz Recital.  Derrick began playing in church during his teens as well as playing in the Wilbur Wright College Jazz Big Band.  Later graduating from DePaul University, studying Computer Science and Music, he has been giggin' around town and out of state since.  


Playing piano/keyboards behind live stage performances at Chicago's famed "Black Ensemble Theater" for 10 years gave Derrick unmeasurable experience playing in the music ensemble setting.  Developing a range of music genres to include Jazz, Classical, Ragtime, Pop, Gospel, Blues....  Composing, producing and performing is what he enjoys most, hence ultimately turning toward music full time after the IT position was out-sourced.  In addition to Chicago, Derrick has accompanied artists in Michigan, New York and North Carolina.  Locally, he can be seen playing solo piano at the Chicago Chop House in the River North Neighborhood.  Derrick's original music can be heard on internet radio world wide as well as his YouTube channel derrickboundsmusic hosting vlogs on various historic music sites.

"dB Group" (Decibel Group), let by Derrick consists of 6 - 10 members which includes a 3-piece string section when appropriate, formed in 2016 to produce Derrick's original compositions.  The core group consists of a rhythm section, a horn, and 2 background vocalists.  The performance of "Derrick Bounds and Decibel Group" can be described as excitingly eclectic.  In addition to original compositions, a selection during a performance can go back centuries, with Derrick dressed in full Renaissance attire while performing a Bach Prelude performed by this ensemble.  Since the time of its formation, dB Group has performed at "Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts" located on the University of Chicago Campus and twice at "Mayne Stage" in Rogers Park.  The "Epiphany Center for the Arts'" performance will be the first Post-Covid performance for the group.  It will focus on some old and newer material and perhaps a little something special!    

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