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Following Your Creative Side

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Musicians come in many varieties, background, concentration, levels, etc. Some just for personal enjoyment and some professionally. Playing solo piano in an international airport I get to meet a ton of people who at some point in their lives studied music, either took piano lessons or played saxophone in the school band. The people who have studied during their youth is enormous. Every now an then I'll meet a musical family (I get jealous). I know several pilots that play the piano. One even told me if he had to do all over again, he would choose playing the piano full time. I've heard from an elderly business passenger who was standing behind me as I was playing, reflecting on his life. Later he told me, "I thought I would have learned how to play the piano by now". He was obviously looking a little disappointed, perhaps at some of his life choices. I can go on about this. Its just a reminder to me that I'm doing the right thing. You have positive ideas for a reason, use them. Follow your creative side.

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